Salt Communications Group, established in 2011, is an INTEGRATED MARKETING communication agency. SALT eloborates on tailor-made marketing strategies for each of its business partners after conducting a comprehensive analysis of their brand and its specific market. During the implementation of these strategies, SALT adopts a 360-DEGREE COMMUNICATION approach to get the best and the most effective outcome for its partners. This approach combines public relations, event, creative and digital IN ONE MIND SET.


SALT increases the value of its business partners.

SALT creates original ideas for its business partners.

SALT family is ready to achieve splendid work and to challange the routine of the market.


SALT integrates its customers’ expectations with its own wishes and continuously Works to make them the reality. The most important challenge of SALT is; to MAKE THE MEETING POINT OF DREAMS THE REALITY and to create a sustainable and profitable future for all of its brands.